Smartphones showing screens with ColdSense mobile app

ColdSense, by Zicam®

ColdSense evaluates a user’s potential exposure to a cold through a proprietary algorithm that analyzes and applies a weighted value to key indicators such as:

  • Prevalence of coughs and sneezes around a user
  • Cold incidents in the user’s area
  • Events or venues attended with large crowds where the cold virus is more easily shared
  • Upcoming travel plans or scheduled trips
  • Tracked hours of sleep
  • ‘Sick’ friends in a user’s social networks

All of these factors contribute to a user’s potential exposure to the common cold, keeping health top of mind all year round.

With user permission, ColdSense will utilize information pulled from personal iPhone data such as location, reminders, calendars, health wearables, and trackers, such as the Health App and sleep trackers, external information from weather and sickness forecasting, mapping platforms such as geographic surveillance reports, and statistics pulled from social platforms.

ColdSense will continuously update and display a user’s potential exposure to the common cold on a gauge ranging from low to high. The user can navigate to discover trends behind a particular risk level and compare risk factors over a week/month/year.

ColdSense will also detect the approximate number of coughs and sneezes around a user and determine potential exposure to a cold. Finally, users will be able to record their own coughs or sneezes in a fun way into the Cough-A-Lyzer and Sneeze-O-Meter to determine and share what type of cougher or sneezer they are with friends. The extensive sound library grows with each new cough or sneeze evaluated.

A ColdSense user will trigger a cold risk notification when traveling from one temperature to another, either missing or catching up on necessary sleep or continuously racking up miles on the road. These ‘badges’ can be shared on the user’s social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Additional application capabilities include:

  • Reminding a user when to take the next dosage of homeopathic Zicam® Cold Remedy medication based on his or her input
  • Offering product information and drug facts for a wide variety of Zicam® Cold Remedy products
  • Push notifications based on travel, sleep, and weather patterns around a user

Note: Continued use of GPS, Calendar and Sleep tracking running in the background can decrease battery life. ColdSense can be used with or without these services running, but to receive the most accurate real-time ColdSense cold risk level, location services, calendar and sleep tracking should be turned on. The user can adjust any of these permissions within the app settings.

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