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Look for the new Cold Monster® videos for Zicam® Cold Remedy this fall!

September 10, 2013

BRIDGEWATER, NJ, – The Cold Monster®, the infamous star of the Zicam® Cold Remedy television commercials, took Manhattan by storm – or by sniffles. The bleary-eyed, snotty-nosed Cold Monster® represents how a full-blown cold makes you feel. And each of us knows all too well that every monster of a cold starts with a Pre-Cold®, that first sniffle, sneeze or throat tickle that signals you’ve caught a cold. He spent two days at several landmark locations in New York City for the shoot of the latest installment of Cold Monster® Chronicles on YouTube (youtube.com/zicam).

The new videos will round out the Chronicles series with the character depicting how he prepares to deliver a monster of a cold to people this season. Develop your game plan by knowing his. "He’s around 7 feet tall, so it is great to see onlookers’ reaction to him. People are drawn to him; he’s captivating," says Lori Norian, vice president of marketing for Matrixx Initiatives, maker of the popular Zicam® Cold Remedy line of cold-shortening products. "The same way the Cold Monster® is a big presence when you come down with a cold, he’s a big presence in person."

When taken at the first sign of a cold, Zicam® Cold Remedy (Zicam® RapidMelts®, Chewables, and Oral Mist™) is clinically proven to shorten a cold so you can go from Pre-Cold® to no cold, faster™. Expect the Cold Monster® to return to television in the fall, but you can see him getting in shape for the upcoming cold season now at www.youtube.com/zicam. And check out his antics on Facebook at www.facebook.com/zicam.

The Cold Monster® Takes Manhattan - ZICAM® The Cold Monster® Takes Manhattan - ZICAM® The Cold Monster® Takes Manhattan - ZICAM®
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